Local space launch connoisseur reacts to the recent historical launches and the future of space tourism

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – With the second launch in nine days, space travel has once again captured the attention of the nation as Jeff Bezos and his team blasted off into space Tuesday.

The launch ignited a new group of travelers and the start of affordable space travel.

Space travel may seem to be a sport for billionaires now, but in the years to come, it could become very plausible for even everyday folk.

Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin rocket’s 10-minute flight made history as he was able to break from Earth’s gravity, making him the second billionaire in a little over a week to accomplish the feat. Bezos joined Richard Branson as trendsetters to what’s to come. The combination of new technology and reusable capsules can create a cheaper way to launch rockets, which in return can lead to a promising future of space travel, while also inspiring the youth that they too can touch the sky one day.

“Today, I mean we are here at the Challenger Learning Center, we’ve got camps going on and earlier today they watched the launch in the planetarium and the kids were screaming and it’s really exciting that they want to do that,” shared Challenger Learning Center’s Alan Hanstein.

Hanstein says space travel may be a luxury now but just as trains, cars and planes were before, he sees rocket launches eventually becoming an affordable way to quickly get around the world and explore space.

With both 18-year-old Oliver Daemen and 82-year-old Wally Funk on board, the Blue Origin New Shepard launch showed that pipe dreams can become a reality no matter what point in life you are at.

Both Branson and Bezos have wait-lists for those looking to be the next space travelers.

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